Flip.. what?

We are proud to introduce our newborn: Flip-Pong-V.
This plugin was created after the observation that no any flipbook existed for WordPress in Html5

(For the ones who are wondering, a flipbook is a virtual magazine that you can flick over with the mouse/keyboard)

It’s available on the official WordPress site!



Why making a flipbook with Html5? It’s simply to avoid using flash. In this way, an Iphone/Ipad user will be able to see flipbooks as everyone else. (Iphone and Ipad don’t use flash…)
The plugin is compatible with all browsers and operating systems.

If you have any question, issues or suggestions, just ask on the dedicated forum on WordPress.org, or send us an mail.



How to use the plugin ?

Download Flip-Pong-V, and unzip it in your plugins folder (you can also install it trough the dashboard), then activate it.

A “flipbook” icon now appeared. Click on “new flipbook”.

Then click on “upload/insert” button, create a gallery and add pictures that will become pages of the flipbook (we highly recommend to resize all pictures at the same size). You can order them as you want.

Click next on “insert gallery”. You just have now to select some options: the size of the pages, with/without shadow, get the header/footer or not.
After publishing your flipbook, you can now try it!

Navigation between the different pages is made with the mouse, the buttons, or even with the right and left keys.

How-to add/delete/reorder pages ?

Very simple, you just have to click on the “Edit Gallery” button:


If you enjoy our pugin, you can make a donation to help us improving it and creating new ones.

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